Renovation project of an apartment
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Residential / Renewal / Interior design


130 mq




Preliminary, final and working design, site engineering


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State Of The Project:


Procida is a MARGINE project for the renovation of an apartment in the Trieste District in Rome.
The clients, a young professional couple, asked for a bright house with a living space capable ofof combining living, dining and kitchen areas. The conditions before the intervention presented a classic 1950s house, on the third floor of a residential building in the “Trieste” district. The space initially appeared excessively uneven and fragmented, typologically framed in the entrance-living-dining-kitchen styles.

The project revises the distribution of the interior spaces with the aim of increasing the architectural quality and unifying the living space. The demolition of some walls and doorways has allowed greater permeability and brightness to the house, giving it the appearance of an open space that takes place around the central pillar, covered in wood that gives it the appearance of a cylinder that branches the spaces of the house. access-living-kitchen. A system of white and essential paneling hides the wardrobes serving the living area and the passage to the private part of the house.
The finishes are as usual essential, recovered cherry wood parquet, plaster and paneling painted in white and the use of color to characterize the column and the kitchen flooring.
The project is completed by the eclectic and colorful details of the furnishings that recall the colors of the façades of Procida, design lamps with essential lines coexist with ancient Neapolitan sideboard of the 19th century.