MARGINE was born from an idea of ​​Giulio Ciccarese and Valentina Pontieri, two professionals who share the vision of an Architecture able to narrate and support the transformation of space to the changing needs of man, nature and society.

The research activity on the formal, functional and technological level, inspires a complex architecture, able to hold together the creative phase and the realization phase of the project, controlling quality, costs and processing times. The studio collects and interprets the requests of the client proposing solutions that enhance the spaces to be built or recovered, following each stage of the building process, from planning to construction supervision.
The study deals with enhancement and protection of the landscape and the design of networks for slow mobility. The activity carried out by the study accompanies the client from the assessment of the feasibility of the intervention to the design of the strategies to achieve it, providing assistance and technical and scientific support at each stage of the process.

MARGINE also deals with spatial planning, urban regeneration and participatory urban planning processes, providing advice to public and private bodies in the economic and technical planning of interventions.

Giulio Ciccarese was born in the province of Lecce in 1986. He graduated at Sapienza University of Rome in 2012 and he deals with feasibility, sustainability and planning.

Valentina Pontieri was born in Crotone in 1986. She studied at the ‘Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture et paysage de Lille’ and she graduated at  Sapienza University of Rome in 2012. For the studio she is responsible for the research and the design.

Work with us:
Enrico Durante, Arch. Samuele Stamerra.
Since 2012 _ Arch. Livia Lozzi, Arch. Alberto Marzo, Arch. Flaminia Scoca, Arch. Alessia Latella, Arch. Vincenzo Guarini, Marta Santoro, Designer Giulia Josè Conte, Arch. Giulia Marzocchi.

MARGINE deals with scale landscape design supporting public and private institutions from the analysis phase to that of implementation of interventions . The sensitivity in the approach and the propensity towards sustainable and ecological practices has allowed us to work in coastal and agricultural landscape contexts by improving quality of the security systems , promotion , dissemination and their connection . We also deal with temporary exhibitions of micro landscapes , urban parks and gardens .


Through an integrated approach between our technical consultants and scientific advisors, we are able to identify the co-funding solutions provided by the European Commission that are more suitable for our public and private customers.

Enhancement and protection of the landscape

Sustainable mobility enhancement

Ecological and environmental planning

Landscape impact studies

Through a constant activity of formal, functional and technological research, MARGINE offers a complex architectural process that combines the creative and implementation stages of a project with particular attention to quality, cost and processing time. We interpret our public and private customers’ requests and provide them with solutions tailored to their needs. Moreover, we support our customers at any stage of the building process, from preliminary design to building site engineering.


We provide also support for specialists and companies willing to bid for competitive public tendersand the like. Thanks to long-established cooperation with technical consultants and suppliers, MARGINE is able to provide its customers with exclusive high quality products in the fields of private and public architecture.
Moreover, MARGINE produces set-ups and scenic designs.

Set-up and design

Interventive conservation and restoration

Preliminary, conclusive and executive design

Building, cadastral and energy efficiency related procedures

MARGINE’s core business is urban and territorial development: we provide public authorities and private corporations with technical and economic planning assistance. We support our customers from feasibility assessment of an intervention to its actual planning strategy by providing technical and scientific assistance throughout every stage of the project.
Through an integrated approach between our technical consultants and scientific advisors, we are able to identify the co-funding solutions provided by the European Commission that are more suitable for our public and private customers.


We address environmental development and preservation as well as urban regeneration and slow mobility implementation. We believe that a basic prerequisite for any work of environmental or landscape modification is to share the project’s goals and strategies with the local communities through a process of active participation.

Feasibility assessment

European Grants consultancy

Urban regeneration

Active participation of local communities