Coastal Landscape Ecomuseum

Call to tender Integrated
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Puglia, Italia (IT)

Financial Resources:

Fondo di Sviluppo e Coesione 2013 – 2017 / Settore aree urbane e città


Call to tender/ Landscape / Europroject / Sustainable mobility / Nature park / Public Space / Waterfront / Participatory design


78.370 m²

Amount Of Work:

4.884.403,00 €


Perrotta group, Torchia Srl


Holder Of Office:

Metamor Architetti Associati, Margine

Agronomica Advice:

Dott. Leonardo Beccarisi


Arch. Flaminia Scoca, Arch. Alessia Latella, Render Arch. Jr Enrico Durante

State Of The Project:

Second place

Coastal Landscape Ecomuseum is an executive project for enhancing, reclaiming and safeguarding the coastal landscape of Melendugno. MARGINE has proposed, in accordance with the strategies adopted and the quality of the interventions proposed by the final project based on a project, a project of improvement with the intention of transforming the present coastal into a promenade in the coastal landscape of Melendugno by economically feasible interventions without necessarily altering the state of the sites, by means of minimum actions aimed at combating soil consumption and restoring the environmental and historical heritage of the coastal area by recovering public property spaces, increasing the green area, afforestation index, dispermation of paved surfaces, avoiding to compromise further habitats.

In particular, the proposed improvement project confirms the desire to relocate tourism across the seafront, believing that the coastal system can become a much stronger and more resource resource when treated as a single entity. In fact, the concept of uniqueness, developed transversely to the coast with its close connection to the hinterland, is also applied longitudinally across the coast.
The waterfronts (Specchia Tower, Caciulara, Piazza del mare, Matarico and Sant’Andrea), in relation to their location in urban or suburban areas, declare their vocation, from aggregating spaces in coastal dwellings to the coastal promenade in the portions of natural territory, function of linking and stopping for the contemplation of nature and historical elements. For each location, the necessary steps have been studied to achieve the objectives set by the final project based on competition, thus imagining the territory as a unicum even from the point of view of the urban heritage, which in accordance with the actions of nursing and enhancing the mobility of the sweet of the territory, realize the Melendugno Ecomuseum of the Coastal Landscape .