Gadget store of Meyer Foundation
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Firenze, Italy


Setting / Temporary / Shop / Interior design / Reatail /Structures


40 m²


Fondazione Ospedale Pediatrico Meyer ONLUS


Preliminary, final and working design, site engineering and security management during the setting design and work implementation


Arch. Enrico Durante, Arch. Giulia Marzocchi

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Ph. Pietro Viti |

State Of The Project:


Bettino is the project for the creation of the Meyer Foundation’s gadget shop, and is the name of the first child taken care of by the Pediatric Hospital in Florence. The store is located in the wonderful covered gallery that opens the view to the park’s institute. The store responds to the need of the Foundation to have an adequate space for collecting direct donations and selling gift items, ceremonies, apparel and apparel accessories Meyer.

The interior space of the gallery is characterized by the elegant and light language of the lamellar arches, which suggests continuous intervention with the same, respecting obsessive geometry of the ogive camps. Any new form within it might appear to be an improper addition and therefore inappropriate for such a rhythmic and cadenced context. For this reason, since the inspection carried out, attention has been paid to the opportunity to insert an object in continuity with the gallery, which could retain its poetic and sober style, but at the same time able to emphasize itself as a new element , exclusive and visible. The skeleton of the structure is then displayed in the store, but here it acts as a support for the display cases, which like a leather gives volume and protection to the pavilion.

The store will be located near one of the two entrance halls of the gallery and placed in parallel with the short side access to ensure greater user control and offer longitudinal fronts (both inside and outside the patio) to the passers-by. They can observe the goods displayed on the display.