Project of a home-studio for a jazz musician
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Roma, italia


Residential / Renewal / Interior design


130 mq




Preliminary, final and working design, site engineering

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State Of The Project:


kamaran is the renovation project of an apartment in the Appio Latino district of Rome. The clients, a jazz musician and a lawyer, wanted a bright and welcoming home-studio, characterized by a living area halfway between a music room and a living room. The state of the places before the intervention shows a classic 1930s house, on the fourth floor of a residential building overlooking the corner between via Gabi and Piazza Tarquinia.
The project rethinks and rationalizes the distribution of the interior spaces in order to increase the architectural quality and functionality of the house. The opening of a passage in the load-bearing masonry at the end of the corridor has allowed greater permeability between the access and the living space, putting those who enter the house in direct visual relationship with the pentagonal space of the living room-study.

In order to connect the internal design and favor the perception of a formal unity, a backbone was imagined that organizes and conceals the secondary functional spaces, enhancing the entrance-living axiality effectively excludes the labyrinthine and dark perception of space. This system was made of oak wood panels characterized by a vertical slat theme that gives an iridescent appearance to the wall in relation to the lighting.
In the living space, the system makes a curve to keep the entrance enfilade and the kitchen in symmetrical connection. The austerity of the organism gives elegance to the house and its complexity allows you to hide the service spaces: a hood, access to the bathroom of the house, the passage to the kitchen and the semicircular wardrobe. The dense slat structure of the exoskeleton improves the acoustics of the spaces and entrusts the system with the function of a passive musical instrument that transmigrates sounds into space.