Caprarica Resilient City

Urban Regeneration Program Plan
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Caprarica di Lecce


Urban Regeneration / Landscape / Territorial Planning / Participating Design


Comune di Caprarica di Lecce


Urban planning, Feasibility study, Participatory process with the community and editing of the Urban Regeneration Program Plan


Arch. Giulia Marzocchi


Foto di Mauro Curlante

State Of The Project:

Approved document

Caprarica Resilient City is the story of the Urban Reclamation process, curated by MARGINE and implemented by the community in synergy with local institutions.
The Urban Reconstruction Program of Caprarica in Lecce was an important opportunity to learn to look at this territory as the place of “resilient” living in the community. Regeneration is inspired by the unconventional practices that have produced the urban complexity of this small town in the province of Lecce, which interacting with the social fabric and the small local economy give rise to a latent potential capable of resisting global transformations.

This is the potential that lies in the urban and social diversity of this territory, amplified by a paradox that is summed up in the benefits of unplanned growth found in the connection system and therefore in the road as a fundamental relational tool. The purpose of this programming document is to trigger in these places the possibility of renewal, reinterpreting their spaces and the under-used elements to build networks and resources, multiplying cultural, social and economic growth opportunities according to the principles of development urban self-sustainable.

After a period of ‘gentle observation’ of the use of space space and the analysis of the criticalities and the potentialities of the areas to intervene, a process involving citizenship was initiated. Citizens’ participation, albeit essential, is not a sufficient tool to heal critical issues. For this reason, from the collected data, integrated programs have been formulated, in which organic design solutions are elaborated to ensure feasibility, social, economic and cultural forces involvement in the implementation of projects and their management over time.

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