Living the court Galliffett
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Parigi, France


Exhibition / Competition / Hotel / Office / Public space


Istituto Italiano di Cultura - Direttore Marina Valensise in collaborazione con MAXXI e Biennale di Venezia


Show competition experimental design of Italian architecture


Arch. Flaminia Scoca, Arch. Jr. Enrico Durante, Arch. Alessia Latella

State Of The Project:

In competition

Insouciance is an experimental project presented at the exhibition contest “Le ali ritrovate dell’Hotel de Galliffet”, promoted by the Institute of Italian Culture in collaboration with the MAXXI and the Biennale of Architecture in Venice, curated by Matilde Cassani and chaired by the scientific committee of Cino Zucchi, Jean-Louis Cohen, Margherita Guccione and Pippo Ciorra.

Insoucinace imagine to implement the offer of cultural activities of the Italian, triggering processes of relationship between the Hôtel de Galliffet with its “found wings” and the court, be declined in the seasons and times of day, in order to bring to city ​​a place to live with lightness and lightheartedness, that way of life which Parisians call insouciance.

By accessing the Galliffet the visitor passes through a dense urban environment to immerse themselves in the micro-landscape garden, fascinated, in this path, from the wonder awakened by the change of space and perspective. The project aims to enhance the ability of the court to make a link between the Hôtel de Galliffet and its wings, in a succession of spaces equipped for conducting outdoor activities.

The soft color of the Parisian stone alternated by portions of the sky between the slate roofs and zinc, accompany the visitor perceptions of the Institute, reassured by the imposing presence of Galliffet that appears between the trees. These are the feelings that inspired the architectural choices of the design of the Hôtel wings designed as neutral additions that respect the pre-existence.