RIGENERA | Terre di Acaya e Roca

It was concluded Rigenera Terre di Acaya and Roca, a horizontal shared planning path coordinated by MARGINE, undertaken by the Municipalities of Melendugno, Castri di Lecce, Vernole, and Caprarica di Lecce, in order to develop an integrated strategy and common actions for sustainable development of the Municipalities of the Lands of Acaya and Roca starting from the concrete proposals of citizens, associations, stakeholders and regeneration experts.

The activity took place between 19 and 29 August 2017 and saw the participation of a thousand citizens, associations and stakeholders of the territory. The results of the experience will be collected in a report to be attached to the expression of interest that the four municipalities will send to the Puglia Region to participate in the public call for the selection of Urban Areas and for the identification of Urban Authorities in implementation of the XII PRIORITY ASSE “Sustainable Urban Development – SUS” of the OP ERDF-ESF 2014-2020.

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