Ex voto

Loculary in the cemetery of Bagnolo
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Bagnolo del Salento, Italy

Amount Of Work:

135.000 €


Comune di Bagnolo del Salento


Public space | Religious building

State Of The Project:


Ex voto is a project by MARGINE for the loculary of the Municipality of Bagnolo, a small town in Apulia, south of Italy. The office dealt with the preliminary, definitive and executive design supporting the Municipality in the preparatory activities for the realization of the public work.

The loculary is arranged on a simple plan that gives symmetry and scenography to the monumental square near which it will be erected. A cardo and a decumanus describe the system of accesses and paths along which the niches are addressed, arranged in each block on four rows of six modules each. Outside the volume is characterized by simple, bare and rigorous surfaces made of concrete with exposed wooden formwork marked by the presence of a low relief cross. The covers of the four blocks, in black iron sheet, almost come into contact leaving the perception of a blade of sky, a sign that corresponds in the floor to the structural joint of the polished concrete floors.