Restyling of a restaurant in Torre Sant'Andrea
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Torre Sant'Andrea, Italy


Bar / Restyling / Interior design


400 mq

Amount Of Work:

90.000 €




Preliminary, final and working design, site engineering


Preliminare - Arch. Giulia Marzocchi, Graffiti Walrus


Foto Walrus di Mauro e Valentino Curlante

State Of The Project:


Confine is a restyling project curated by MARGINE for the historic restaurant located in front of the bay of Torre Sant’Andrea, a small seaside village on the Adriatic coast of Salento.

The client’s request was to offer a new reality, a high-quality sea-bar restaurant in a warm and convivial atmosphere. The space before the intervention was bare, furnished with tables and a small counter at the bottom of the room. MARGINE has thought of a new functional distribution, placing the counter at the center of the room, which becomes the fulcrum around which the room develops.
This is organized with tables facing the large windows that open the view to the sea. Tables and a lounge area with low side sofas and tables complement the interior distribution. The spaces are characterized by a vernacular and poor style, with natural wood and ceramic tile with blue tones, which recall the colors of the sea and the tradition of hand-painted pottery in the Salento.

The ceiling with jute shades and hot-key chains on the tables create a simple but elegant atmosphere.
The informality suggested by the use of natural and recovering materials, the palette of colors on blue and white tones and vegetation, characterize the restaurant imagined as a place that reflects the colors of the Mediterranean, the nature surrounding the magical village of fishermen and the philosophy of the new owners.