Fine arts shop, gallery and art workshop
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Lecce, Italy


Setting / Interior / Retail


105 mq

Amount Of Work:

7.000 €




Design, site engineering


Marta Santoro


Ph Gabriele Albergo

State Of The Project:


Cluster is a project curated by MARGINE for a fine arts shop in the city of Lecce, a few steps from the historic center and the Academy of Fine Arts.
The client’s request was to create a place in which to share art, ideas and materials in a space capable of holding together the sale of fine art products, a workshop for engraving and printing techniques courses and an exhibition area and of work in which to propose projects and exhibitions.
The idea of ​​the project was to think of the space as a scenic place, able to adapt to the performance of the various activities required in an enfilade of connected and, if necessary, separable functions.

The entrance is designed to be an immediate interface with the customer and welcomes the continuous and flexible shelves that house colors, brushes, papers and articles for fine arts and tattoos. The displays enhances the product by framing it in ash panels and at the same time stores the unexposed goods. This expedient, which gives the space rhythm and complexity, allows the owners to constantly renew supplies and goods on display.
At the center of the room is the coworking space where often, protected by a curtain, life drawing lessons are held. With a simple rotation of the desks on wheels, the space is transformed into an exhibition path around one or more central islands.
The back space, more intimate and reserved, houses the chalcographic laboratory. The customer’s gaze is focused on the large window that frames the iron press, symbol and guide of the project. The wood of the furnishings, the glass, the iron of the press and the windows become the matrix of a place of art, design and craftsmanship.