Residential complex in Puglia
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Puglia, Italy


Urban planning / Redevelopment / Housing / Mediterranean houses


12.000 mq


Urban planning, preliminary, definitive and executive project


Arch. Jr Enrico Durante

State Of The Project:

On going

Casemontalcini is the feasibility study for the construction of a residential complex.

The scope of intervention is 12,000 square meters. The urbanization works consist of the construction of public distribution roads, sidewalks and cycle paths, common parking spaces and collective green spaces, as well as the creation of connections with all the necessary technological networks and guarantee the usability of all urbanized areas .

In detail, the project has a system of comb roads that allow access from the main road into and out of the twenty-one lots with two-story, single-family and two-family buildings, divided into three building types: four-room, three-room and one-room apartments. Each lot consists of a green strip that acts as a filter between the houses and a private or distrubution patio.

The architectural model follows a composition that gives a nod to the load-bearing masonry construction system and uses primary materials to limit private spaces from collective walkways, compose simple volumes and articulate jealousy systems that limit introspection and filter sunlight. . The external surfaces are whitewashed, to show the texture and surface of the tuff blocks and at the same time to reject the light, mitigating the absorption of heat.

Thematic and vegetational choices refer to the Mediterranean landscape elements and contribute to lighten the impact of the intervention in the agricultural and coastal context of the Apulian territory.